Friday, May 4, 2012

Animal Portraits

This year my art shows will be focusing on "The Art of Motion". The first of a series of shows will be paintings and sculptures of dancers and horses. I have to tell you it has been an exciting adventure working with children! They are such awesome models. I began working with the Dance Co in Long Beach, CA about 10 years ago by photographing the children at practice. The funny thing is at first they were little show offs, so cute, and constantly posing. Doing flips, cartwheels, hand stands, the works! This posed a problem because I wanted the photos to be natural. So I just aimed the camera for about 15 minutes until they ignored me and just danced. The pics I got are so much fun to work with and they will be in my first show this year. Now children will eventually ignore you but what about horses? I did not think it would be a problem til I met "Mr Bojangles"! He was a show off!! Every time I pointed the camera he perked up and posed. LMBO! He is adorable. That is ok because the painting came out gorgeous. I have an appointment to meet with an owner of an Arabian in two weeks and I have been told he is quite the poser. I look forward to this next photo shoot.

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