Friday, May 4, 2012

Some benefits of Watercolors

I watched my mother work with watercolors from an early age and took an active interest in my teen years. There have been times where I felt a bit frustrated working with the medium but love the challenge! As of late, I have been concentrating on portraits and have found that working with faces has truly improved my skill. The nice thing about watercolors is that they do not take up much room in my studio. I can store so many away and they make wonderful gifts. I have been able to make many trades with watercolors and work out quite a few deals for things I need or want. Recently, I was invited to go white water rafting and could not afford it so I made an offer to trade a watercolor portrait for a package deal to go rafting. Fortunately, they agreed and happily so!  So practice with watercolors and begin gifting and dealing away!

I will be teaching watercolor techniques every 4th Friday in Long Beach, CA at the "The Dance Company". If  you are interested please contact me at: 949-667-5946 or email me at


  1. Love your work Sylvia! Watercolour is very addictive isn't it.
    It's amazing ... I have a student in my class here in Australia with the name Sylvia Fuller! I thought you were her!
    Keep up the wonderful work.

  2. Thank you Annette! I'm glad you have a Student named Sylvia Fuller! Say hello for me:) and yes watercolors are addictive! My sons have to push me out of the house when I'm on a roll!